Considering Reiki for animals?

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Some months ago I received a phone call from a lady who offered her services as a volunteer in our Sanctuary. I had no idea what this was or how it might benefit the horses and ponies. Now I am completely blown away by the work and dedication Karen gives to the animals she cares for.

Effects are gradually built up over a period of time, and now her “friends” come up to her and request the reiki energy.  The animals are calmer, in less pain and living life in a happier way.

It is wonderful to witness the faces of the animals after a session of reiki, completely relaxed and almost in another reiki world.

Thank you Karen, my husband and I really appreciate all the endeavors you put in with our animals.

Roger and Gaye Hadley
Animal Sanctuary And Protection



Karen did some excellent Reiki on my foster pup Rolo.  A cruelty case who was beaten and left blind and brain damaged, he had issues settling and was always on edge.

On Karen`s first visit Rolo fought the energy and messed about.  However with Karen`s determination he changed, flopped to the floor, took a big sigh and eventually fell in to a deep big sleep,  snoring his head off. This is something he had never done before.

Rolo had other sessions with Karen and quickly learnt how to let go of his angst and fear. Without Karen`s help I’m not sure he would be the confident playful pup he is today.

Another rescue Karen helped with is Angel a beautiful Maine Coon cat.
Her life was spent as a breeding machine. She knew nothing of human contact or love. She was so shut down and hid in her bed like a statue.
Karen’s first visit was nothing short of magical.   She sat next to Angel, and she completely changed, she became fussy and rubbed herself on Karen’s hand.  It was the first time I’d heard her purr.
Karen`s visits gave Angel a new lease of life.  She became trusting and lovable, more importantly she was comfortable being around humans.
I can’t thank her enough and wouldn’t think twice about having her treat any of my furry friends.
Kerry Copson – Foster carer for Ravens Rescue


Karen’s reiki sessions have proven to help animals in our care. We have noticed a positive change in those she has treated. We would highly recommend her services-Sarah Harris, founder and chairperson- Ravens Rescue UK.                                


LillyLily rosettes

Lilly was kept in a very small bird cage with her sister Jessie for the first year of their lives, without being interacted with, and Rats are very social animals so it really affected them both.

When I bought them home Jessie was easier to tame.  After a few months of perseverance with them both, Jessie came round and started to do things rats should.

Lilly unfortunately did not respond to any methods I tried and just bit me every time I got her out or tried to interact  in other ways. This obviously was stressful for her, and she seemed mentally disturbed.  When her sister died (of old age) Lilly became quite shut down and depressed but wouldn’t allow me to interact without stressing her out.

When you started sending her distance healing Reiki, it really improved how calm she became, so she was less stressed when I went near her and she  eventually let me pick her up. Now she’s like a totally different rat!

I have owned her for 3 years now and it’s only been recently that I have been able to interact properly with her, which is great because she even enjoys going to shows now and winning the judges hearts with her story and just amazing personality! 🙂    

I can’t thank you enough, not only am I able to enjoy her company, she’s able to relax and enjoy cuddles.

Lauren Hinton