Ruby 2

Ruby is a Gypsy cob who at some time in her life had been abused and mistreated, understandably  this made her mistrusting of humans.

When I first approached Ruby`s stall she would back away far out of reach, so I started off offering her Reiki from the other side of the stall. Gradually she would begin to relax and she would come closer to the gate.

One day, I was using a combination of Reiki and a mindfulness based technique. For probably the first time in her life Ruby went into a deeply relaxed healing state, head lowered, eyes closed leaning against the stall.  After about 15 minutes, Ruby came round, she came up to the gate, stretched her head over so that her nose was close to mine.  She looked into my eyes and snuffled me for a few seconds, I then felt an overwhelming surge of emotion and the tears began to flow,  It was a sense of great release and letting go, which took me completely by surprise!  After i had regained my composure, i continued with the healing session until Ruby indicated that she`d had enough, when she once again snuffled my nose with hers then moved away.

I felt a deep connection to Ruby and that she was thanking me for helping her to feel peaceful again.

Ruby’s little secret……

A few months after Ruby arrived, it became clear she had been carrying a little secret – that she was with foal!

Not long after the foal was born I went to see how mother and new born were doing.  When I arrived at the stall, Ruby greeted me with a snuffle!  Not wanting to rush anything, I just stood and offered Ruby some healing.  After a couple of minutes, Ruby moved to one side revealing her gorgeous new foal who was lying in the hay.   I had a strong feeling that Ruby wanted me to offer healing to her new born, so i went into the stall and gently sat down next to the foal.

For the next 20 mins I sat giving healing to both Ruby and her foal.  It was the most peaceful, amazing and overwhelming experience!  Remembering what Ruby was like when I first met her, and now here she was trusting me with her most precious gift.

In that moment I felt honored and privileged and it is something that I will never forget…..

Rubyall reikied out