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My beautiful cat Ivy was a lovely soul, she was so loving and generous with her affections. She was very clever and always had a wise look about her, like a wise old owl…but with fur!

We had a very special bond and she was always a great source of comfort to me, I used to call her my little furry angel!

Ivy was my first animal Reiki guinea pig…so to speak!. She was very receptive to the Reiki energy, absorbing as much as she could for as long as possible!

I have to say  that on occasion, I felt that Ivy  was returning the favour and giving healing to me, which felt amazing!

In the last year of her life when she became terminally ill,  the Reiki energy really helped to make her more comfortable and when it was time, helped her with the transition from this life to the next.

After Ivy`s passing, the urge to help animals to heal became a lot stronger, It felt as if Ivy was willing me on from the other side!





This is my other beauty, Trin,  who also enjoys the Reiki energy.

She had always been quite a nervous cat and had a few health problems over the years. Reiki has helped her to become calmer and more relaxed.  thenIt has also helped to make her more comfortable when she has been unwell and recovering from an operation, promoting a speedier recovery.

I soon began to look more into how Reiki could help animals, and inevitably I signed up for a Reiki healing for animals course.   This opened up a whole new world to me …..since then I haven’t looked back!